Picture of Bruno Barbosa

Master in architecture turned visualizer. Beginner climber that thrives under a challenge. Enjoys reading but prefers talking, sharing is caring after all. Several years in the field, the light and mood still fascinates him. Destresses during playtime with the kids and find the peace he needs in books.

Bruno Barbosa



Picture of Jennifer Keist

Thrill seeking and speed lover on her road bike to free her mind. She found her home in rock music and headbanging. During the pursuit of her passion for striking visuals Jen also found an obsession with photography and interior design. Reliable under any condition, be it at a rainy music festival or developing a high-end interior image. Traveling is her thing. Where to next?

Jennifer Keist



Picture of Leandro de Oliveira

As a film shooter you can spot Leandro walking around Zurich with one of his analogue cameras. If he’s not out and about you can knock on his door and join him for a guitar session. No need to bring a guitar, as he has plenty! Gin lover with a master in architecture who stays calm under (almost) any circumstances. He’s won awards during his over a decade long ride in the industry but he keeps pursuing his passion to create the perfect image.

Leandro de Oliveira



Group foto

Driven by our friendship and common passion for architecture and art we, Jennifer, Leandro, and Bruno founded visualtonic. A Zurich based architecture visualization studio. At Visualtonic our mission is to create stunning architecture visualizations that act as a tonic at the end of each project. We believe that the best visualizations are those that evoke emotions and stimulate your senses and that, is exactly what we are committed to deliver. Visuals that serve as a tonic, injecting new life and energy into the project, wrapping up the design process on a high note.

With more than 25 years of combined experience in the industry, we have the skills and expertise to tackle projects of any size and complexity. From conceptual design to fully detailed real estate projects, we work closely with our clients to ensure that every aspect of their project is brought to fruition in the most beautiful and accurate way.

Team photos: Rui Cardoso

Website: Antoni Keszycki